Fun and authentic wedding Photography (fueled buy tea) 

in Devon, Cornwall and Beyond.

I'm a fun and authentic wedding photographer based in Devon and Cornwall - I'm fueled by tea and I have a relaxed and friendly approach. I document beautiful, crazy, authentic and often absolutely hilarious moments - Ideal for you, If you want more time for fun on your wedding day and hate posing for photos! If you are a fun loving couple looking for a wedding photographer who will put you at ease, get on great with your Grandma, provide you with tea and will run off to the beach with you. Get in touch!  

THE PHOTOS ARE F*****G EXQUISITE ... Yes, I could potentially be more eloquent but I just spoke from the heart as soon as I saw them. Absolutely in love with them
— Elaine and Nathan

I just absolutely love prints (especially ones that come in awesome little wooden boxes)

Many of my couples choose to have these little beauties in their lives forever. It makes me so happy to know that I am able to provide a family heirloom to my couples that will be past down to children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren, great great great... well you get the point.

Hope you enjoy the video and my attempted ukulele strum.

We loved having you as our photographer, you made everyone feel so relaxed and the feedback from our guests has just been amazing. You weren’t in their face, you made them laugh and enjoy having their photos taken. We choose you for that exact reason, you made us feel so at ease at our engagement shoot and that’s exactly what we wanted for the big day!!
— Leah Horn

let's have a nice cuppa...


If you love what you have seen so far and would like a mixture of beautiful, authentic and funny moments captured at your wedding, I think we will get along great!

Let's get together! We can get to know each other, have a nice chat about your wedding and learn if I am the perfect person to be your wedding photographer (of course the tea's on me)

Send me a message and we will arrange a date to meet up.

I'm so excited to meet you!