Fun and authentic wedding Photography (fuelled buy tea) 

in Devon, Cornwall and Beyond.



Hiya, I'm Jamie. I’m a  Devon and Cornwall Wedding Photographer. Specialising in fun and non traditional weddings and elopements. 

Call me genius but, I’m guessing that if you are reading this, the chances are you are looking for a wedding photographer. I’d like to wish you both a HUGE congratulations on your engagement. I’m so freaking happy for you!

I bloody love photographing weddings!

It’s the beautiful, crazy, authentic and absolutely hilarious moments that I love to photograph. No stiff and awkward posing required.

I’m the Ideal wedding photographer for you, if you want more time for fun on your wedding day and hate the idea of spending the day having a big loooooooooong photo shoot and getting achy faces from cheesy fake smiling.

If you are a fun loving couple looking for a ( possibly slightly geeky and sometimes bearded - My beard an I have a love hate relationship) wedding photographer, who will put you at ease, get on great with your Grandma, provide you with tea (because TEA) and will say “let’s do this” when you want to run off to the beach on your wedding day. Then what are you waiting for?

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