Jess & Maddie - Engagement - Paignton Beach

Jess & Maddie

An adventure in Paignton, Devon. Super Cold winter wind, Super stunning winter light and Super amounts of pure love! These two are amazing! We talked about their story, their plans for their wedding (with festival vibes) and tattoos. But mostly, I stood back and documented pure love. Of course, with the view of the hotel where Maddie asked Jess to Marry her in the background. 

The images below are from the prints that Jess and Maddie chose to have in their lives for ever! I am so happy for these two and so excited for them for their wedding and future together.

After the images you can read the answers to the questions I asked Jess and Maddie when they first got in touch to book an engagement session with me...

This is the story of how we met...  We met at university in Cumbria. We saw each other from across a room and we've been together since. We now live together in Devon.

This is our proposal story... On my birthday, we booked a hotel in Torquay for one night. After a beautiful dinner. We went back to our room and to the balcony. There was a small garden with a bench looking out to sea. Maddie said this is where she wanted to give me my birthday present. She handed me a beautiful book full of pictures of us and pictures of me with my family. They all had notes by them. As I was looking through the book, tearing up at the memories we have shared. I turned to the last page that said "will you marry me?" I turned to look at her and she was down on one knee with an engagement ring. I was so happy. I said yes and we both sat there with happy tears in our eyes looking out at sea. It was perfect, and so beautifully done.

How do you take your tea?  I'm very simple when it comes to tea! Weak with no sugar. Maddie on the other hand has it strong with 1 sugar. Have you ever tried vanilla redbush tea? It's delicious.

our favourite food is...  Mac n cheese!

our favourite place to spend time together is ...Devon. By the sea :)

Here is a little list of some of the things we love... We both have a big passion for music. We love to write songs together. We love traveling, we have big plans to travel for our honeymoon. We love a good cup of tea, movies, nights in cosy by the fire, gaming, photography, the beach (especially).

Take me to the beach and I will capture your beautiful love!