Lucy, Sam and Rolo - Dartmoor engagement session

Lucy, Sam and Rolo

An adventure in Dartmoor. A beautiful adventurous couple and their stunning Dalmatian Pup, Rolo. I typically forgot my wellies (as I usually do) We walked, talked, threw sticks and got really, really muddy.

Sam impressed me with his ability to plan large events (which would stress me to no end) and Lucy inspired me with her mindfulness and how in tune with herself and the earth she always seems to be. Both made me smile a ton! with their super infectious smiles. 

We later met again so that Lucy and Sam (and Rolo of course) could see their prints. The Images below are of the prints that Lucy and Sam chose to keep in their lives for ever and more. Again, I feel so happy knowing that I have created something meaningful that will outlive myself.

Oh and of course. The all important questions that I asked Lucy when she first got in touch are below the images...

we are: 

Lucy & Sam 

and we have been together for the past ...

5 years

This is the story of how we met... 

We met at an inter-university surf event. He didn't go to university and I didn't surf.. So quite an unlikely meeting. Needless to say, he now goes to uni, and of course, I surf!

This is our proposal story...

Upon returning from a long naval deployment, we knew we could survive anything. Sam secretly went to my parents house to ask permission to ask me to marry him. One month later (with everyone bursting at the seams with the secret!) he took me to my favourite beach in North Devon - barricane beach - middle of winter so no one was around, and he simply got on one knee and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I should add I asked 'are you joking?' Before saying, of course I will!

How do you take your tea?

We don't really drink tea. Is that a crime?

our favourite food is: Homemade pizza or simple Italian pastas. We are easily pleased!

our favourite place to spend time together is: Dartmoor with our Dalmatian. Wembury. Woolacombe. Barricane. There are a number!

Here is a little list of some of the things we love: We love spending time outdoors (and indoors snuggling) our Dalmatian puppy. 
Surfing, and getting in the sea.
We really love food! 
Spending time with both our families - it's always a giggle!

Want life lasting memories in print and on the wall, that you can look at each day to fill your heart with warmth and fill your face with smiles? Who wouldnt? ....