Megan and George, Dartmoor Engagement Photos at Bellever Forest.


What are your names and names to be?

Megan Pollard and George Cooper, but George is thinking about changing his last name, so we'd both take on a new name! We're currently going through all our favourite books to see if something catches our eye, but I keep teasing him saying I've chosen Bateman from American Psycho. So far that one's a no from George.

The story of how you first met and fell in love? 

George moved to my street when he was still in primary school, so we must've bumped into each other a fair few times before secondary school. He sat down next to me in Psychology and stabbed me in the leg with a pencil, and we became best friends from there. We'd spend all of our possible time together, but didn't realise that we were both interested in each other until 4 years of being best friends later, and a messy breakup from both sides!

One of the things you look forward to in your married life together? 

We're really looking forward to be able to look back in 20 odd years and (hopefully) say that we both married our childhood sweethearts and made a young marriage work; there is so much negativity around that sort of thing that it's really nice to be able to hear those sorts of stories every now and again. We think so anyway.

What are you most excited about on your wedding day? 

I'm most excited about seeing whether George cries or not, I've always looked forward to that part of my wedding in the least sadistic way possible, I just think it's really sweet when they do.

Describe your vision for your perfect wedding day? 

I want to wake up and have breakfast with my mother and get ready with her, because having her there for at least the morning of it would mean a lot to me. I'd want to get to the venue, have a short ceremony and then have some nice food and acoustic music and for all the guests to enjoy themselves! I'd hate to have a wedding where the guests found it boring or didn't enjoy themselves, so that's the main thing for me really!

One of your favourite memories together?

My favourite memory of us is probably his 18th birthday party, I made him a cake of a pair of boobs with loads of little boob cupcakes on the side as a complete surprise! It's fair to say that he loved it.

What do you do for work, what are your interests and how do you like to spend your free time together?

I work as a poker dealer at Grosvenor and a burlesque dancer, and George works making sure all the labels are correct at Tescos. We're both night shift, thankfully. We're both massively into gaming and graphic novels, so that's how we spend most of our free time together! We'll either be playing Xbox against each other until one of us strops because we've lost, or playing them separately, which seems to be the safer option. We like to go for little drives up to the moors as well.

How is your wedding planning going? 

It's going really well thanks, we've got our heart set on a venue and where to get the wedding dress from, it's just finding the time to go and check it all out! The last few months of university are giving me no free time, so hopefully as soon as that's finished we can actually go and finalise everything! Thankfully we're going for the minimalist approach, so there isn't going to be loads of stuff to organise.

What theme or style and personal touches will your wedding have?

I think we're going for a super personal style wedding, so there will only be about 30 odd people there and a really relaxed atmosphere. The dresses and everything will be simple and not too extravagant, we're thinking of making all the invitations and table decorations ourselves as well, considering that there won't be that many and I'm a bit of a perfectionist! If so, I'm hoping to make each invitation unique to the person.

What is one of the things that is super important to you about your wedding day? 

That George actually turns up! Or that I don't stand on my dress and rip it before we leave the house like I did at my sisters wedding. That would be unfortunate.

How are you finding your inspiration?  

We started looking at unusual places to hold weddings, and found articles with places like distilleries and barns etc, and then looked at the set-up of people who had similar ideas to us. Unless your idea is super unique to you, other people are likely to have gone down the same path as you and it's useful to see how they've managed it! The space we're looking at is quite small and dark, so it was good to see how previous weddings worked around that and how beautiful they managed to make it look.

Have you had an awesome, unique idea for your wedding that you would like to share with others?

Not yet, we've had a couple but none are solid yet. If anyone has any, we'd be keen to hear about them to give us some inspiration! (George wants to write 'Help me' on the soles of his shoes but I won't allow him, I said we could do it Toy Story style where we write each others names on the soles. It's still being decided.)

Do you have any advice for others who are planning a wedding?

Definitely start small and work your way bigger! Plan the smallest simplest wedding you can, then see what else you'd be able to manage or afford. By starting off small as well, it's not too depressing when you knock stuff off, rather than planning this massive extreme wedding and having to work smaller!

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