Offshore Blooms - Wedding Flowers in Devon - How to choose your wedding florist.

Offshore Blooms - Gorgeous Wedding flowers in Devon 

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At Rozzy and Tim's Cornish beach wedding (click here to see more), I had the opportunity to photograph these beautiful, bold and bright flowers from Kelly at Offshore Blooms.

This wedding had an elegant, minimalist and seaside inspired approach with the flowers playing a very key part in the styling of the day. Well... the flowers, a beautiful sunshiney day on the beach and Rozzy and Tim's big smiles! 

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I caught up with Kelly from Offshore Blooms to ask her advice on choosing wedding flowers. Below are Kellys quick tips for choosing a florist...

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Kelly's 7 quick tips for Choosing a Florist 

1. Find a florist who you can have a good relationship with, someone who is personable.

2. Find a florist who has a positive attitude to your ideas and likes, but who can give you their advice/ideas as well.

3. It's a bonus if  you can find a florist that knows your venue, so they have experience of what works there.

4. Do not let a florist tell you that you need to up your budget to have more flowers than you can afford. A decent florist should accommodate your budget and make sure it's still the wedding of your dreams.

5. Make sure you love the work your florist has previously done. you then know you are on the same page.

6. Before you visit your florist, try and have some idea of colours and style of flowers you like. I will always recommend that brides have a look on Pinterest before having their first meeting. Its good to have a starting point as their is so much out there.

7. Also never leave it too late to book a florist as they can get booked up really early on. 

This is such valuable advice, thank you Kelly.

If you are getting married in Devon and want a florist who isnt afraid to create something big bold and beautiful. Visit and send Kelly a message xxx 

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