Calum and Elizabeth's wedding reception at the Reed Hall in exeter. I knew nothing about this wedding until the day!

Here is the story of the most impromptu wedding I have ever shot... 

It was 10.30am, I was Sat on the sofa drinking a cup of tea, playing a bit of ukulele and generally irritating my wife and my Mum.

I received a message from a friend (and awesome wedding photographer) Helen. She was at Calum and Elizabeth's wedding and was extremely poorly!

I had planned to spend that day relaxing until the afternoon where I would meet an awesome engaged couple to discuss the possibility of photographing their wedding next year.

However when I received the message from Helen telling me about how she was living a wedding photographer's worst nightmare! I would have hated myself If I couldn't help.

I rescheduled my meeting for the next day, got out of my jurassic park pjs and into my shirt and trousers (which took me way too long to iron, as always) I washed the sheep poop from my shoes, dropped my family at my mother in laws and stopped for petrol on my way. I Managed to arrive at the Reed Hall at the University of Exeter just after the wedding party did. I met up with Sarah who was Helen's lovely second shooter for the day. I then began shooting the most short notice wedding I ever shot. I loved every second of it too!

A big thank you to Helen Court Photography for thinking of me when you needed a hand! and the absolute warmest wishes of a speedy recovery.

Thank you to Helen, John and the rest of the team at The Reed Hall, Exeter for looking after us and being awesome!

Thank you to Sarah Bradley Photography for being so welcoming and a great teammate! (even though we had never met and had different styles)

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Harrison! You are a wonderful couple with such inspiring family values! Your wedding was a dream and even though I wasn't personally invited by you, I felt very welcomed and at home, surrounded by yourselves and your friends and family.

To see many more of my photos from the day, please keep reading and click the link for Helen's blog post? In this blog you will see the result of the local wedding industry coming together to make sure that everything runs smoothly for our clients! You will see the work of three photographers, coming together to create one very fluent record of the many wonderful moments of Calum and Elizabeth's wedding day.

Please click the link below to see exactly what I'm rambling on about?

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