a look back... Wild flowers and Star trek - Tracy and Phil's wedding at the Smithaliegh Hotel.

A look back at the relaxed family wedding of Tracy and Phil at The Smithaleigh in Plymouth. 

Phil is a huge Star Trek fan! of course it was only appropriate  to have the logo on his waist coat and cufflinks.   

Just before walking down the aisle together as husband and wife. The lovely celebrant threw up the Vulcan Salute (star trek hand gesture) and said "Live Long and Prosper" This was a completely unexpected but such a meaningful moment for Tracy and Phil. See the photo below.

Below are just a few of the many highlights of the day.

Followed by Tracy's reflection of her wedding in her own words and some amazing feedback about her experience with me as her wedding photographer.     

how did you met and fall in love? 

A blind date on Friday the 13th .........lucky neither of us are superstitious.

What wedding venue did you choose and why? 

Smithaleigh Hotel, ideal for a small family wedding.

The Inspiration behind your wedding? 

Summer flowers, lace and Star Trek

What are your favourite memories and moments of the day? 

Everything from the moment I walked in and saw Phil's face when he had seen me, don't think I stopped smiling for weeks.

What advice would you like to give to couples about planning the day and any advice about the day itself? 

Decide what is important to you and your partner and make these your priorities. For me it was family and having them with me when I married Phil.

What special details did you include in your wedding?

The flowers by H Watts Florist and hand made table settings. Star Trek badge on grooms waist coat and cuff links, matching etched rings.

I love food and music! Let's talk about food and music? 

Roast Beef or Gammon,
Exiting as a married couple 'liberty bell' .....nod to the python fan.

How did you find me and why did you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer?

Recommendation from my daughter Cassie.

how would you describe your experience of working with me?

Excellent, very relaxed and comfortable, the first meeting was detailed and it was good to list types of pictures I wanted and take suggestions from you. I wanted a very informal family wedding and you were great at getting the family groups and pictures suggested without us feeling we were being posed, the informal photos of the family gathering before and after the wedding were wonderful. They captured the essence of the day wonderfully and gave us a beautiful record of the day.

What were your hesitations when it came to photography? What did you feel unsure about, what were you anxious of and what questions did you need answered? 

I didn't want the photo's to feel more important than the wedding and day, I feel I don't take very good photos and often don't like photos of myself but I loved all the photos you took of me on my wedding day.

What was awesome?

The relaxed photos of the families before the wedding especially Phil's mother biting the tag off her grandsons suit with her teeth.

Was there anything that was not so awesome or could be improved? 


Would you recommend me to others and what would you say to someone who is thinking of working with me?

Yes, let Jamie know what you want from him and he will do what you want but be guided by his ideas and natural talent to capture beautiful unusual moments of your day.

Wow! Thank you so much Tracy! This feedback has warmed my heart.

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