Hiya, I'm Jamie. Nice to meet you...


I'm Jamie Webb (that’s my face above) and I'm a proud Dad to two crazy beautiful children, Lilly and Harrison (otherwise known as The Webblings) husband to Samantha (a wonderfully sweet and creative lady who rocks at being a mum) and a Devon and Cornwall wedding photographer. I love living life to the full and I love my job.

I love my job because I get to hang out with and photograph unique lovely people who love living life too. I have been able to support my family (and fund our slightly out of hand Lego addiction) by offering this magical service of actually reserving peoples memories and moments in time - moments of love, laughs, tears, families, partying and all those fleeting moments that a wedding brings.

You may have noticed, I tend to ramble a lot! So I asked my couples to use short descriptive words to describe my work for me. The words that they used are natural, elegant, detailed, funny and emotive.

I have a relaxed and friendly approach to photographing weddings. It's my aim document real moments as they happen and to not make wedding days feel like a big loooooooonng photo shoot. I flood my photographs with beautiful light and vibrant colour and I love to provide a super personal service, by getting to know what is unique about you and listening to your stories and values. This enables me to create photographs that really mean the world to you.

I absolutely adore my family, and they are my reason why!

To give you a better picture of who I am, when I'm not capturing weddings...

I am sometimes bearded, often wearing band t shirts, getting new tattoos, strumming on my ukulele, editing wedding photographs with the Webbling's hanging off my head, cleaning up small chocolate handprints with wet wipes, drinking gallons of tea with Samantha and talking about our next holiday, watching the Webbling's ice skating lessons in awe, listening to business podcasts, coming home from the gym hungry, then creating weird food concoctions (such as the crumpet burger!) and eating too much food to make that gym session worthwhile.

Some of the things I can't live without are...

Beach days, woodland adventures, pineapple juice, mint tea, green tea, normal tea (you know, like the type with milk) and various other types of tea, FOOD, a weird variety of music (most of which Samantha calls "just noise!" We compromise on country music) being a human climbing frame for the Webbling's and building lego pirate ships once the kids are in bed, to see their faces light up (that’s my excuse anyway).

If you are planning a wedding In Devon, Cornwall or beyond and would like to remember the real, beautiful, crazy and of course funny moments of your day for ever, get in touch and we will meet up for a chat and a nice cuppa. 


Bride and Groom with rockstar glasses and inflatable guitars at their Atlantic Hotel Wedding in Newquay

Amazing! ...

... You made us feel comfortable and everyone said how lovely you were. Also you gave us tea and we are both suckers for a brew!!

Siobhan & Steve - Atlantic Hotel Newquay Wedding


The Webb's Faces...

They fall asleep on pretty much most car journeys.

They fall asleep on pretty much most car journeys.

A cup of heaven and Downtime with Mrs Webb.

A cup of heaven and Downtime with Mrs Webb.



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