Are you engaged and living in Devon or Cornwall?


Are you a little wild hearted and free spirited?


Are you happy to unapologetically be yourselves in front of the camera, to adventure together (and with me of course) and make some epic memories?


Bryony, Stephen and Sienna 026.jpg

If this sound like you then I think we are going to be a great fit!

I’m looking for engaged couples who want some unique photos to celebrate their engagement and are up for being part of a creative process and being a little spontaneous for some awesome photos.

What’s your together thing? Is it cooking together, play fighting on the beach, running into the sea, exploring Dartmoor or snuggling on the sofa in your jammies with a good Netflix series and a big pizza. Whatever it is, let’s photograph it.

I can only offer this to 5 super fun couples who love getting outside (or want a session cosied up at home) and are happy to take life (and the weather) as it comes. These engagement session are totally free! Yep, seriously… free. I’ll even throw in a print from the shoot.
You will of course have the opportunity to purchase more prints after the session if you like, but there is no obligation.


I want to meet more awesome engaged couples (because they have the most awesome weddings), adventure more, experiment with some new photography techniques and not have to worry about shooting what might be “expected” at a "normal" engagement session. I also want to give you the opportunity to learn to get comfortable and have fun, in front of the camera, before you have one pointed at you all day at your wedding (hopefully by me if you LOVE the engagement session).

If this sounds like you and your other half (please do make sure they are up for this too before you enter) and you’re both keen to do this – fill out the form below and share your story. If you are selected then we'll speak soon.

I'm Soooooooooo excited to hear from you!

Big MASSIVE loves,



Couple balancing on a log and kissing at their Dartmoor engagement session

“Jamie did an engagement shoot for myself and Colin and we had a great time!…

… I hate being in front of the camera but Jamie made me feel so relaxed it was just like hanging out with a friend and having fun!”

- Rachel and Colin

Please answer the all of the questions below and hit "lets do this" to enter? 

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I ask this because I feel that in most cases, your photographer should do your engagement session. I would not want to be stepping on that photographers toes, if you have already booked them for your wedding.
milk? sugar? strong? green? fruity? don't like tea at all? I personally love a nice strong tea with no sugar and often drink a range of different green tea. My current fuel is peppermint.
Is it a HUGE shindig in a field with tipis or a little pub get together? anything goes and that's what I love about weddings! Tell me the vision for yours?
Could it be having a duvet day? I'm well up for a cosy indoor session if the weather is awful!, snuggling in close, splashing each other in the sea, dancing in the rain or doing your favourite activity together? what is your vision?
Would you like the opportunity to buy print packages and wall art from the session? *
If yes, then I'll provide more details about the reveal and order session experience that I offer (It's truly wonderful)

Couple holding hands at plymbridge Woods
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Couple touching each others faces and laughing at Wembury Beach
Couple hugging and laughing with wind blowing hair in St Agnes
Couple having a Piggy Back ride in the sea at Godrevy Beach
Couple laughing and playing guitar at Meadfoot Beach