Buckland Tout-Saints Wedding Photography - Gayle and Thomas have a super fun wedding!

I absolutely loved photographing Gayle and Thomas's wedding day at Buckland Tout-Saints in Devon.

From the beautiful chaos of the morning, bright colours, big balloons, a fairy tea party for the kids and space hooper races to the many wonderfully hilarious expressions and comic moments between Gayle and Thomas, who are so fun to be in the presence of, and to photograph. Some of my favourite moments include a big "YARP"  from Gayle during the vowels, diving face first into the cake, face licking, armpit sniffing, photo bombing, incredibly sweet moments between couples, parents and children and lying on the grass and eating candy necklaces (you'll see). 

Gayle and Thomas are an awesome couple and although they are freaking hilarious and don't take themselves too seriously. It has to be said, they are seriously awesome parents. Their little ladies Lorelai and Delilah are such wonderful children, and as well as all of the outrageous and hilarious moments I had the pleasure of photographing on the day, It was an absolute honour to photograph the super sweet moments between Gayle, Thomas, Lorelai and Delilah too.

Thank you so much to Gayle and Thomas for finding me after getting let down and choosing me to photograph your day. I had a blast and I hope that the photos will always remind you how much fun you had on the day that you got married  (no matter how tired you were)

Now over to you guys for some chat about the day...



Whats your story of how you met and got to this awesome stage in your lives?

We met at a bar where Thomas saved me 30p and got me 2 extra shots at the same time. We dated for a while and then moved in together sooner than planned as I got a redundancy pay out. Things were going well. Family members got married which made me want to get married. On November 6th Thomas foolishly chose marriage over a micro-pig and asked me to marry him as a prize in a game of cards if he won. I forfeited the game instantly and 9 months later Delilah was born lolololololol. Then we spent the next 2 years planning our wedding.

What was your favourite part of your wedding?

Thomas's favourite part was sitting on the grass with me after the wedding breakfast. My favourite part was probably going to bed at the end of the day as it was so exhausting!

What made you choose Buckland Tout-Saints for your wedding?

It was super pretty and we could have it exclusive for the weekend.

What made you choose the details and theme/styling for your wedding?

Thomas didn't have much input with it (his choice not mine!). I love pink, and peonies. It think I saw an article in a wedding magazine when we first got engaged that picked out most of the colour theme.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

Thomas says pay for everything and don't do any of it yourself! As the one that actually did everything, I would say to not worry too much in the last couple of weeks about all the little bits as nobody actually notices them and GET SOME DECENT SLEEP! Or like me you will be hanging all day and it won't be as enjoyable.

Let's talk about your music for the day? 

We walked down the aisle to Andrea Bocelli, time to say goodbye. But i walked so fast you didn't get to hear much of it lolololol. We used Rockafella for the evening band as i used to watch them regularly and they were family friends.

A Shoutout to your wedding suppliers: 

Hairdresser - Hayley, all about the bride
Flowers - Hannah Burnett
Venue - Buckland tout-Saints
Dress - Amica Bridal boutique
Suits - moss bros
Wedding cake - me and mother (but we haven't finished setting up our business yet)
Photo booth - we the people events
Band, Rockafella

I pretty much did everything decorations wise.

What were you looking for in your photographer, Why on earth did you choose Jamie Webb Photography as your photographer and what was it like working with Jamie on the day?

We wanted natural candid pictures with minimum posing as neither of us like our pictures being taken else we end up pulling lots of stupid faces. Our original photographer cancelled on us a couple of months before the wedding but we were so lucky that Jamie had availability for our date as we couldn't have asked for better. He blended in perfectly and didn't get in the way at all. Our children loved him so he got some amazing pictures of them and our friends and family thought we knew him personally as a friend.

Thanks sooooooo much Gayle and Thomas. Hope you love the photos!


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