Crazy fun festival wedding at Gulliford Farm in Exmouth - Christina and Lee

Christina and Lee had an absolutely amazing and ridiculously fun and laid back, festival style wedding day at Gulliford Farm. I have been to tons of weddings and I can say that they don’t get more laid back than this. It was like going to a festival with all of your fave friends and fam. With yummy street food, an inclusive playlist (that guests could add to) and an awesome live rock band, a bouncy castle, bucking sheep, giant bubbles, booze, glitter station, magician, bonfire and no dress code.

More weddings like this please world!

Enough rambling from me, Christina reflects on her day below…

Your story of how you met and got to this awesome stage in your lives?

I think Sandy (Lee’s Mum) summed it up best in her reading at our ceremony. So in Sandys words…

”Lee made friends with the Volkyfolks (local car club) before we moved west.
He met up with carl - and from then on got no rest! 

They went off doing mad stuff in carl’s 4x4 building drift trikes one day – causing uproar!

Lee’s made some great friends – he’s so good at mixing, he’s the man to go to if your VW needs fixing! 

He’s never regretted moving to live by the coast and always hoped he‘d meet a girl that loved Sunday roast.

He moved into a flat on Beacon Hill where he thought he’d drink cider, relax and chill. 

We had a bit of a do when we’d lived here a year and Christina popped in to have a beer. 
As part of the family she soon became one and this sweet, lovely girl brought lots of fun. 
Lee and Tin were special from the start, to see them together just touched my heart.

And so they got closer and Tin moved into the flat, then Lee staged an engagement surprise - and that was that!

He got Ty (his brother) to write in old English, a scroll completing a treasure hunt was Christina’s role.
In different parts of the town he set her tasks, what an earth’s going on Christina asked? 
It took her ages to understand the old English word it sounded like language she’d never heard! 
From Manor Gardens to Orcombe Point was the way to go, with drinks on the way so progression was slow. 

They got to the point, a beauty spot for some and Christina expected Ben (best man) with a bottle of rum. 
But no the surprise was a much bigger thing when Lee, on one knee presented the ring!

The answer was ‘yes’ and the date was set, this wedding was to be their best day yet!
So here we are in happy mood with friends and family and the promise of food,
Ready to celebrate their wedding day sitting in a field on bales of hay! 
Let your hair down, have lots of fun Thank you for coming everyone! 

Let’s give the happy couple memories – to hold through the years 
Raise your glasses to Lee and Christina - Cheers!!!”

What was your favourite part of your wedding at Gulliford farm?

That the best man swapped our wedding rings with some jelly ones and that we both knew to stick them in each other mouths :)
Lee: My face when I saw the new tattoo (of our wedding date) on his finger.

Your favourite story/s from the day - The one/s that you will tell when you are really really old?

Same as above. Also Ben's reaction to the magician. (He wanted to burn him on the bonfire for practicing witchcraft)

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

DONT do it! :)
Try to share tasks and responsibility so you don't get in each other’s way.
Start to plan early and make sure you have enough friends to help setup the few days before and for cleaning up afterwards. 
Try to have everything organised a couple of days before the big day and make no plans for the day before.

I love food, music and entertainment They are the some of the best things about weddings! - What food did you have, was it yummy, and what did you have to entertain yourselves and your guests?


Brides entrance in the VW (Stand By Me - Playing For Change )
First dance, where we paired everyone up with different partners (Sam Cooke - Wonderful World) The life band was Rock the Night from Exmouth


We offered Chili, Curry and Paella and had pizza's for the evening. 


We had a bucking sheep and a bouncy castle, candy floss and popcorn and a magician for the evening. 

A Shoutout to your wedding suppliers: 

B&B -

Marquee - Godney Marquees
Power -
Loos -
Popcorn and Candyfloss -
Bouncy castle and Rodeo Sheep -
Venue - Gulliford Farm, Exmouth

Magician - Dan Brazier

Band - Rock the Night

What were you looking for in your photographer, Why on earth did you choose Jamie Webb as your photographer and what was it like working with Jamie on the day?

We wanted natural photos and a photographer that understood us. We didn't want the usual wedding package. Lee feels very awkward when having his photo taken and we needed someone who could cope with this.
We had a little test run last year when Jamie chose us for an engagement photoshoot. He was absolutely brilliant it was no question that we needed him as the photographer for our wedding.
Jamie was here there and everywhere. I don’t know how he did it. So many people told me how lovely he is and how he just popped up again and again and took a few (funny) snaps when they didn’t expect it. 
He left us to it to celebrate our day but was also persuasive and talked us into a few ‘private’ sessions, so we had the opportunity to get away from everything for a few minutes and enjoy parts of the day together.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We want to thank you so much for making our day extra special. We and our guests had so much fun and so many people said that we thought of everything. I feel you really understood our vision and you were 100% in it. 

Thank you so so so much for those lovely words! Your wedding was incredibly fun and I loved every moment! Here are a few of my faves…




We Are Planning a crazy fun festival wedding and we love your photos! What do we do next?

Waaaahooooo! well, we drink tea of course! Hit the button below and we can arrange a time to talk all about your wedding and your photography options. I’m so excited to hear from you!