Super Fun Beach Wedding at the St Ives Harbour Hotel in Cornwall - Laura and Tony

Bride's excited face at their wedding ceremony at the St Ives Harbour Hotel in Cornwall

Laura and Tony's super fun Beach wedding at the St Ives Harbour Hotel

Laura and Tony had an absolutely epic wedding on a sunny August day at the beautiful St Ives Harbour Hotel in St Ives, Cornwall.

This venue is amazing and let me tell you just a few of the many reasons why. The staff (Shout Out to Jasmine and Dominique) are absolutely lovely and beyond helpful. There's the views, oh man the views!. The food is yummy (mmmmmmmmmmm), The hotel It's a just a short walk to the beach for games on the golden sand and a paddle. There is also a nice lawn for games (check out the space hopper races below) and lots of lovely space indoors and outdoors so that your day will be incredible whatever the weather!

This day was full of non stop fun. From the throwback 90s music in the morning to the trip to the beach and the crazy dancefloor shenanigans late at night. Laura and Tony saw me as a guest with a camera rather than a photographer. This really allowed me to get in close and photograph all of the awesome moments throughout the day. They even sat me down with their guests and included me in the true or false game where they shared an embarrassing story about  my food concoctions and bad eating habits. I'll forgive them for this because they then fed me loads of yummy food, haha. One of my very fave moments and one of the sweetest things I've ever witnessed was when Laura read a poem that she had written to Tony during the ceremony.  

Below you will find Laura and Tony's reflection of their amazing day in their own words, some of my fave photos from the day and also some lovely words about their experience of having me as their photographer. Scroll down and enjoy!

Thank you again so much to Laura and Tony for the amazing adventure!

Big MASSIVE loves


Bride and groom about to kiss on the beach in St Ives in Cornwall

I often wonder how my couples got to this awesome stage in their lives, how they feel when they look back on their wedding day, what their fave moments were and what advice they would give to other engaged couples planning a wedding. So I ask them... 


I would love to hear the story of how you met and fell in love?

I went to visit a friend on a weekend in London, my friend happened to live with Tony’s sister Nicki at the time. We all went on a night out in Camden and after that the rest is history!

Tell me all about the proposal?

We had quit our jobs and were one month into our around the world travel adventure. At this point we were trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal trying to make our way to Everest Base Camp! On the 7th day of trekking we made it to the glacier where Everest base camp sits at 5365m of altitude, we celebrated making it by putting a Cornish flag, a tie from the rugby club there along with his grandma’s scarf, then sat down to enjoy the moment. It then began snowing and Tony asked me to Marry him - the altitude could have affected our decisions but I said yes!

What wedding venue did you choose and why?

We chose the St Ives Harbour hotel and spa because of the beautiful location beside the seaside. Cornwall is where I am from and the beach/sea is where we feel happiest. The hotel and staff were really relaxed and chilled giving us the fun vibe we were looking for.

What was the vibe of your wedding?

Our ultimate goal was fun! We wanted everyone to relax and let loose! We didn’t want a too formal affair, we just wanted the beach theme and everyone to feel totally comfortable and any crazy behaviour would be encouraged.

What are your favourite memories/moments that you think of when you remember your day?

We loved it from start to finish but key highlights involved playing a prank on Tony with the spice girls song instead of the song we had chosen for me to walk down the aisle to. We loved the beach fun and joining in with games such as volleyball, the "I am Spartacus" unplanned total wedding party drinking games, the crazy dance moves and space hopper madness with people falling and flying off! We also loved how the staff joined in with the fun of the day!

What advice would you like to give to couples about planning the day and any advice about the day itself?

It’s not stressful, it’s fun! It’s only as stressful as you make it. Remember why you are having a wedding- for the marriage and celebrating with all your loved ones in one room. Don’t be afraid to show your personalities within the planning/events of the day. Go with what you want and not what you think weddings should have/be. We planned almost everything from travelling the world...including buying the dress/sending invites etc... anything is possible!

What special details did you include in your wedding?

Tables were themed from our favourite beaches around the world, pebbles with handwritten names for place names, homemade chutneys and sweet flavoured vodka for favours with drinking games. Space hoppers, glow sticks, inflatables instruments and bubbles to enhance the fun. We both don’t like wedding cake so opted for a giant cream tea and for everyone to have a cream tea as a pudding/cake! We made a fact game so everyone had to interact with each other/play the drinking games

What resources did you use to find the perfect vendors and suppliers?

We didn’t really use many vendors, St Ives Harbour hotel and spa took care of most of our needs. We advertised on fb for recommendations for a fantastic photographer and we were so insanely lucky to get you Jamie! I also used recommendations for hair and make up. St mellion flowers in Saltash were recommended by a friend and they were unbelievably beautiful and waaaaaay cheaper than any other florist! Pinterest is always a good one for ideas too!

I love food and music! Let's talk about food and music.

We love live music but ultimately we wanted everyone on that dance floor and dancing non stop! So we opted for the DJ and gave a list of our favourite songs and the guests favourite songs which we had asked for on our wedding website. The lumineers Hey ho was our first dance song and of course cake by the ocean for the cake cutting - it would be rude not to!

The wedding team?

St Ives Harbour hotel
You Jamie Webb our incredible photographer
St Mellion flowers Saltash
Daniella Hodgson - Make up artist

Why on earth did you choose Jamie Webb as your wedding photographer?

We absolutely loved the fun that had been captured on other albums, we loved the way you came across as a person; a kind hearted family man who enjoys what he does. We also loved the vivid colours and brightness within your photos and the natural shots!

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I’ve never been someone who dreamed of ‘their special day’ and we both didn’t ever really get the ‘hype’ but we genuinely had the best day of our lives and now understand it. A wedding is way more than just a chance to get a certificate to show you love each other, it’s the chance to reflect on the great memories you’ve had, look forward to the continuing exciting future but more than that it’s probably the one and only time all of your loved friends and family will all be in one place. The overwhelming happiness is worth every penny.


Jamie's Favourite Moments from Laura and Tony's Super Fun St Ives Harbour Hotel Wedding... 

Ever wondered what it would be like to have me as your wedding photographer? Actually, I always wonder too. So I asked Laura and Tony a few questions ...


How did you find me and why did you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer?: 

I asked for recommendations on fb and a friend suggested you! Your photos were exactly what we were. Looking for - vivid colours, natural shots, relaxed and fun!

how would you describe your experience of working with me?

Incredible! You’re such a lovely and genuine person that it makes you feel incredibly relaxed. We felt you were more of a friend than someone we’d employed to take our photos!

What were your hesitations when it came to photography? What did you feel unsure about, what were you anxious of and what questions did you need answered?

We are not exactly the best at photos and we are not people who take photos of ourselves regularly so I was apprehensive /worried about having a camera in my face. You are so lovely, you didn’t even notice the camera and as you felt like a friend, it took any concerns away.

What was awesome?

Any communication with you and the photos! So many people are blown away by the standard of the photos! They’re incredible!

Was there anything that was not so awesome or could be improved?

Nothing at all!

Would you recommend me to others and what would you say to someone who is thinking of working with me?

Yes and yes! We have totally already recommended you as have our friends!


Thank you Soooooooooooooooooooo Much for this amazing feedback! You guys are freaking awesome! xxx

Let's have tea!

Planning a fun cornish beach wedding and would love to have the real, beautiful and fun moments of the day captured? Want to spend your day having fun and not having to keep stopping, being directed and "saying cheese"? want a photographer that will run off to the beach with you and photograph your mates throwing crazy shapes? I might just be the perfect fit for you. Let's find out? Get in touch and let's meet for an informal chat about your day over a nice cup of tea (my treat)...