Highbullen Hotel wedding - Justine and Pete

Justine and Pete had a stunning classic winter wedding day at the very Charming Highbullen Hotel in North Devon.

Some of my fave moments of the day include seeing Justine’s family and friends faces when seeing her in her dress and when receiving gifts, Emelia watching her Mum have her lips painted and hilarious bridesmaids who dived right into the chocolate fountain. Oh and soooooooo much confetti!

See these moments and many more!

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Tips for a fun wedding - Scrap (or just have less) group photos!

Here’s a great tip if you want a super fun wedding day! … Scrap the Group photos! What? But I can’t not have a group photo of my family! - Well then at least don’t have many. You don’t need any (or many) group photos to have a wonderful record of who attended your wedding. Find out how to absolutely nail wedding group photos (so that you have loads more time for fun)

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