Escot House - Devon - Rock n Roll wedding - Kaz & Danny

What a Rocking wedding at the (absolutely charming) Escot House! I loved everything about this day! To name just a few of these things...

The Ceremony in a old library (proper beauty and the beast vibes) The subtle Day of the Dead theme, Chimichangas, chocolate skulls, cats, cats everywhere (They come complimentary with the venue), live music, temporary tattoo's, super old books, kick ass shoes, A bride in a leather jacket and a goom with a rather exquisite beard. 

Most of all though. I love that leather jacketed bride and that bearded groom. 

Kaz and Danny! This couple are truly wonderful. We first met at Dawlish Warren for a Maternity session In September 2015. I was so excited for them as they had recently gotten engaged and were pregnant with their little lady. They were building a house together. I feel so honoured to know Kaz and Danny. To have been able to stay in touch after we first met (thank you social media) To witness their journey, see photos of Robyn when she came into the world and see their home coming together. Then the topping on the cake (awful wedding pun intended) to be hired to photograph their wedding! (yes, of course, I did one of my embarrassing dad happy dances. A really big one)

The love that they clearly have for each other, their little babe Robyn and their family and friends is completely undeniable and they are not afraid to show it. My face really ached from smiling all day. Witnessing so much love. Love for people and love for living life! 

The day time was about family, with a super intimate ceremony and sit down (mexican) meal. Catching up and laughing hard around one long table. The night was a huge party with drinks flowing, moves throwing, live metal and tons of friends. What a perfect combination.

Thank you Kaz and Danny, for having me, for the chimichanga, the good music, laughs and for treating me as one of the family for a day. Your family welcomed me too, which means the world. Thank you so much. 


A special mention to following awesome wedding suppliers that I loved working with:

Venue : Escot House

Dress : Te Amo Brides

Veil : Rock n Roll Bride for Crown and Glory

Flowers : Susan's Flower Shop

Cake topper and Centerpiece : Choccie Bar

Shoes : Irregular Choice

Hair and Makeup : Trude Bosence

Bands : SkinDeep and Hell & The Gang

Love everything about this like I do? Have any questions at all about the wedding, venue or suppliers or Looking for a photographer (me) to capture your wedding day?