Taylor, Matt and Bella - Engagement Session - at the beach - Torquay, Devon

Taylor and Matt

Oh my goodness! This couple and little Bella are freaking awesome! An adventure to Torquay, Races on the beach, throwing pebbles in the sea and having a little sing song. We had the best time. Nothing was awkward or forced. We connected right away and still do as if we have known each other for ever! These three lovely people will always have a place in my heart and I think I have found new festival bud's! 

When Taylor first got in touch to book a session with me. Naturally I had a few important questions to ask... 

How did you meet?

I'd like to say we met in a really awesome way, but it was through Plenty of Fish... After a few days of texting we met at a local pub to have a quiet whiskey and get to know one another. 6 hours later we were still partying as if we had known eachother forever & the rest is history. I literally met my other half that day, my best friend, my festival buddy, my band member - we have been inseparable ever since!

Your proposal story... 

It was Christmas 2014 and we had gone up to London with my parents and Matts daughter (my stepdaughter, Bella) After a crazy day exploring London, battling hamleys at Christmas and failing at Ice Skating, we went into winter wonderland and it was magical. I've never been a fan of Christmas, and have always gone abroad or secluded myself from it. Matt had always said he wanted me to experience a proper christmas, a memorable one, and that he did! Now Matt and I are not the most serious of couples, we laugh a lot and don't take things too seriously. We had never talked about marriage and it was definitely not something I expected; so when he got down on one knee in the middle of winter wonderland, i turned and saw my mum with her camera out and little Bella staring up at me with the biggest grin I was speechless, literally! He read me the most beautiful letter and seeing this serious, emotionally side to him is something I will treasure forever. I am so excited to marry my bestie & would love for you to be part of our journey x

How do you take your tea?

Strong English tea with no sugar!!!

Your favourite food is? 


Your favourite place to spend time together is?

At a festival! Music, sun & glitter

A little list of some of the things you love...

We love the outdoors and spending time in the (rare) sun! We love music, and love playing music together. We love our little muffinchild (Bella), our kitten (Dallas) & our hedgehog (Buffy). Food, lots and lots of food. The walking dead, surfing & cuddles

If you are a couple in love and you connected with the photographs above, AWESOME!

Let's hit the beach so that you can have prints like these (of your own beautiful memories) that you can keep close to your heart for ever and more!