Nicola and Aaron's Big Chief Tipis Wedding at Alcott Farm in Birmingham

It was such an honour to be asked to travel 200ish miles to photograph Nicola and Aaron's epic Big Chief Tipis wedding at Alcott Farm in Birmingham!

This wedding kicked some serious "bottom" (uh huh hum Nicola...) There were so many amazing moments including the Bride and Bridesmaids arriving to the ceremony on the back Harley Davidson Motorcycles, a lovely outdoor ceremony with an actual tying of the knot and lots of happy tears, no table plan, yummy food, emotional and hilarious speeches and dancing the night away in the wonderful Big Chief Tipis to the upbeat and folky sounds of the band. 

Unfortunately, Even with out of this world amazing weddings like this one. Not all things always go to plan. Thats actually what I love about weddings and those are the stories often untold. But if you can overlook these little mishaps and laugh them off like Nicola did (because life is perfectly imperfect right?) and carry on having a blast then you will still have an awesome day, just like Nicola and Aaron did. So let me tell you some of these untold imperfectly perfect moments. (don't worry I asked for Nicola and Aarons permission first) 

One thing that happened was... While Nicola was getting dressed, A bridesmaid realised that Nicola may have forgotten to shave her armpits. Rather than causing street, this revelation resulted in a huge laugh followed by her bridesmaids cringing, giving her a shave and attempting to get her into her dress (without getting soap on it) all at the same time.

Another thing that happened was... Nicola's rings were also waaaaaay too tight and needed a bit of a lick (see below) to get them on. Unfortunately after a short while her finger became swollen and purple and these rings had to come off! after dipping her finger in a glass of ice and using oil from the caterers the rings were still stuck. After lots of panicking and sweating a guest mentioned a technique that she had learned involving a piece of string. It was painful for Nicola but thank goodness the rings came off. Again Nicola didn't let this get in the way of having a wonderful day and five mins later she was throwing her flowers in the air with her maid of honour.

Anooooooother thing that happened was... Towards the end of the evening, Nicola went outside for some fresh air. She got more fresh air than she bargained for, when her dress to split open. But again, because of Nicola's wonderful care-free nature, she laughed it off, got changed and continued to have "Cracking" night! ( sorry! )    

Thank you Nicola, Aaron and your amazing friends and family for being awesome, making me feel welcome and shouting abuse at me during the group photos. I had a blast!!!

Below are some of my favourite photos from the day (right after I hand you over to Nicola)...

Tell me your story ! How you met and got to this awesome stage in your lives?

My best friend as a child happened to be Aaron’s cousin. Aaron’s auntie looked after me in my teenage years, as I was extremely close to my best friend Hannah (maid of honour) I used to go and visit on family gatherings when young and every so often, Aaron would be there. 
We met up a few time's when we were older, for a while nothing really developed (just a few drunken kisses) We then met again a year after my first child keiran was born and this time we knew it was right.  8 years later here we are.

What was your favourite part of your Big Chief Tipis and Alcott Farm wedding?

I don’t no, I don’t have one particular moment yet. Aaron said his fave moments are seeing me coming down to the ceremony on bikes, and the last dance of the night

Your favourite story/s from the day - The one/s that you will tell when you are really really old?

My fat ass split my dress !!!

What made you choose your Big Chief Tipis at Alcott Farm for your wedding venue?

We were looking something to fit our personality’s. laid back and relaxed. Big Chief Tipis at Alcott farms turned out to be the perfect combination.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

You really do have less time then you think!

I love food, music and entertainment They are the some of the best things about weddings! - What food did you have, was it yummy and what did you have to entertain yourselves and your guests?  

We had a horse box transferred into a kitchen, staff and food where amazing,
the food was fish and chips or Fajitas chocolate brownies or Eaton mess the shredded pork baps for evening food. They even came back in the morning and made us breakfast !!!! 
The band were so good !!! They even got on the dance floor, were singing and dancing with the guests and giving the kids important jobs ( shaking the tambourines) They even let me have ago on the drums ( that I can’t play )

A Shoutout to your wedding suppliers: 

Venue - Alcott Farm Weddings
Flowers - Cupid Blooms
Music - The Newfangled Jesters
Beauty milie at lox Hair and Beauty in Water Orton and  Makeup By Olivia Alice
Food - Seven Mile Food Truck
Decorating was done by Myself

What were you looking for in your photographer, Why on earth did you choose Jamie Webb as your Alcott Farm wedding photographer and what was it like working with Jamie on the day?

We wanted someone as relaxed as we are. Not going around making everyone on edge, just blending in and making everyone feel comfortable. You did just that. You just blended in and made everyone feel at ease. Everyone commented on how lovely and easy going you were. 


Let's have tea!


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