Carnglaze caverns Wedding - Natalie and Ashley - A first look, an enchanted woodland, a cave and not to forget Hank the campervan.

This feedback from Natalie (the beautiful bride) absolutely blew me away!...

"I don't think I can accurately find the words to describe what I thought of Webb Family Photography or the impact Jamie has made on our lives let alone our wedding day. Even before we made our booking with him he's gone above and beyond what we could have ever expected from him. Throughout our entire planning process he was there to help in any way he could and answered any questions we had for him. He constantly made us feel at ease and it's rare I feel at ease around anyone, especially when they have a camera in there hand. We honestly couldn't have wished for a better wedding photographer. Thankyou so much for everything!"

Below is my write up, followed by some of my favourite moments of the day and Natalies reflection of her wedding in her own words. keep scrolling to see.... 

Being a wedding photographer in cornwall means that I often have the opportunity to see spectacular views and capture weddings at amazing venues.

You could not find a more magical and enchanted venue than Carnglaze Caverns. It also helps (ALOT) that Caroline (the site owner and wedding coordinator) is just simply amazing! She works so hard to create a mindblowing experience for her couples (Including going out of her way to light hundreds and hundreds of candles and giving history lessons about the caves to those who are interested)

I have been so excited for this wedding ever since receiving a message from Natalie a year ago. Natalie and Ashley wanted relaxed and natural wedding photography with no awkward posing and plenty of photos of their beautiful children Regan and Kennedy. This is perfect for my approach of not wanting to take anything away from the wedding and not wanting to take too many contrived photographs. 

Natalie and Ashley also choose to have a first look! It was one of the most beautiful and intense moments that I have ever witnessed and speaking to the lovely couple after the wedding, they have said that the first look was the best part of their whole day!

Natalie and the girls arrived at carnglaze caverns in style! look below to see Hank the Camper (Let me just add, that Rich from Honeybugs is awesome and takes great care of his couples transportation needs!)

The ceremony was outside in the enchanted dell and it was truly magical! Then into the Caverns for the reception and a wonder around the caves to enjoy the spectacular underground lakes.  

I asked Natalie a few questions about her wedding.... 

How did you met and fell in love?

I don't remember when I fell in love with him. It just happened.
We met in 2008 when he became my cousins conjoined best friend. He started appearing everywhere, to a point where I couldn't even go to watch Desperate Housewives with my auntie without him being there too.
But then fast forward a few years and I kissed him to annoy my cousin and the rest is history.

Tell me about the proposal? 

After an amazing weekend in London we were sat in St Pancras station surrounded by pigeons and he text me saying "Will you Mary me?" Never even corrected his typo :)

What wedding venue did you choose and why?

Carnglaze Caverns. We came across the underground lake completely by luck. We already had a wedding booked at another venue in our district but we somehow stumbled onto a page about their underground lake and fell in love. A few months after booking I started to doubt whether or not we'd made a mistake by changing the venue because I'd always wanted a woodlands wedding and luckily for me Carnglaze Caverns also have the most beautiful Enchanted Dell which is used for outdoor woodlands weddings and it was perfect. Everything I dreamed of and so much more.

What was the Inspiration behind your wedding theme/style? 

I'm not sure where was any inspiration. I was inspired to marry my best friend and soul mate so I did. We wanted to keep everything natural and let the woodlands be it's own theme and decor.

What are your favourite memories/moments that you think of when you remember your day?

 Our first look! By far our favourite part of the day. After being apart for what felt like forever from the night before it was so nice to spend that little bit of time together before the wedding where it was just us and nothing else in the world seemed to matter.

I loved the actual ceremony too. That was pretty cute. I always expected to have to hold our daughter throughout the entire ceremony and that was exactly what happened.

What advice would you like to give to couples about planning the day and any advice about the day itself?

Do what you want and don't let anyone take over or railroad your wedding. You'll never get the day back, so make sure you do it exactly how you want it to be.

What special details did you include in your wedding?

Hahaha. We didn't. We let other people do what they wanted because at the time we didn't feel like the details mattered. At the end of the day, we just wanted to become husband and wife. 
Our first look was special though, that really was just about us and it was perfect.

I love food and music! Let's talk about food and music.

We had a diy sandwich bar with a meat platter because Ashley insisted.
We had a lot of Daughtry playing throughout our day because when Ashley introduced me to their music it was the first time I didn't hate his music choice, and then for our first real date he took me to see them live at The Roundhouse in Camden because it's my favourite music venue.

Your wedding suppliers:

Venue - Caroline at Carnglaze Caverns. She really is amazing -
Transport - Rich at Honeybugs -
Cake -
& you.

Why on earth did you choose me (Jamie from Webb Family Photography) as your wedding photographer? 

Honestly, to begin with it was because you were the only photographer that could be personally recommend to me. But wow. The more and more work of yours we saw the more we fell in love with your style and photography in general. Just like the venue it was all luck.

I would Love to be your wedding photographer! 

If you are engaged and are planning a wedding at Carnglaze Caverns or anywhere in Cornwall. I would love to capture it for you! please feel free to click below and tell me all about your wedding?