Pips Pick your own - Strawberry Picking in plymouth

If you are looking to do a little something different, something outdoors, something great for children. Then I highly recommend Pips Pick your own in Plymouth.

I had a rare few hours alone with Harrison (our little man) as Samantha was about to head to work and Lilly was at school. I wanted to take Harrison to do something different, fun and outdoors.

So how did we discover this awesome place? Here is a little conversation we had...

Me: Harrison, It's a lovely sunny day, what would you like to do?

Harrison: I want a strawberry!

Me: That's all you want to do today, have a strawberry? 

Harrison: yes, I want a strawberry!

Samantha: Why not  fill your day full of strawberries. You could go strawberry picking

... Opens up google ... Here's a place. Pips Pick Your Own. Its not too far away.

An hour later, we were surrounded by as many strawberries as we could ever imagine...

Click here to check out Pips Pick Your Own.